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Linux fork炸弹及其预防方法

Linux系统下执行这段fork 炸弹代码就会引起死机,一旦执行起来后,唯一的方法就是重启系统。实际上这段代码是一段无限递归代码,将系统资源耗尽。

fork 炸弹代码:

.(){ .|.& };.

本文下面有这段代码的详细解释,为了防止fork炸弹,方法就是限制用户能够启动的进程数。具体做法,编辑/etc/security/limits.conf文件,在末尾加入 :

* hard nproc 200


Q. Can you explain following bash code or bash fork() bomb?

:{ :|:& };:

A. This is a bash function. It gets called recursively (recursive function). This is most horrible code for any Unix / Linux box. It is often used by sys admin to test user processes limitations (Linux process limits can be configured via /etc/security/limits.conf and PAM).

Once a successful fork bomb has been activated in a system it may not be possible to resume normal operation without rebooting, as the only solution to a fork bomb is to destroy all instances of it.

WARNING! These examples may crash your computer if executed.

Understanding :{ :|:& };: fork() bomb code

: - It is a function name. It accepts no arguments at all. Generally, bash function is defined as follows:



echo ''

#do_something on $arg argument


fork() bomb is defined as follows:




:|: - Next it call itself using programming technique called recursion and pipes the output to another call of the function ':'. The worst part is function get called two times to bomb your system.

& - Puts the function call in the background so child cannot die at all and start eating system resources.

; - Terminate the function definition

: - Call (run) the function aka set the fork() bomb.

Here is more human readable code:

bomb() {

bomb | bomb &

}; bomb

Properly configured Linux / UNIX box should not go down when fork() bomb sets off.



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