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该消息是在俄罗斯一家公司RPA RusBITech加入Linux基金会后爆出的。该公司使用Linux和开源软件来生产复杂的培训系统和自动化系统、信息安全和通信等方面。

RPA RusBITech CEO,Vladislav Lyapin说,Linux对他们公司来说是具有战略意义的技术,可以帮助他们更好的创新。 

RPA RusBITech 加入到Linux基金会后,会从全球社区中受益,使公司研发成本最小化。



Linux is gaining ground despite attempts to kill it by an abusive monopoly. Recently Indian Supereme Court announced that they are taking their GNU/Linux deployment to next level by switching over to Ubuntu Linux, the rising competitor of Microsoft's Windows.

Now, the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has mandated that government will migrate to Linux and open source software by 2015.

The news came out in the wake the announcement that a Russian company, RPA RusBITech, is joining the Linux Foundation as a member. The company uses Linux and open source software to help manufacture complex training systems for a new generation of information and automation systems, decision support systems, domestic software general-purpose development and creation of information security and telecommunications.

"Linux is a strategic technology for RPA RusBITech, allowing us to focus our resources on innovation and speed," said Vladislav Lyapin, CEO, RPA RusBITech. "Our membership in The Linux Foundation will ensure we understand how best to collaborate with the global community to maximize our investment in Linux to help advance the operating system for all."