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Linux 系统清理工具:BleachBit 0.9.1 发布

BleachBit 是一款专为 Linux 设计的系统清理工具。使用 BleachBit,你可以清理系统中的缓存、历史、临时文件、cookies 等不需要的东西,这样可以释放你的磁盘空间。当前,BleachBit 能够清理 Beagle、Firefox、Opera、Epiphany、Flash、OpenOffice.org 等软件所产生的垃圾文件。


bleachbit 0.9.1 改进内容:

  • Clean DNS prefetch entries for Chromium
  • Use word ‘Clean’ instead of ‘Delete’ (lp#819392)
  • Avoid freeze when there are many system processes running
  • Fix for Thunderbird 5 on Linux and Windows
  • Do not reset network prediction setting in Google Chrome (LP#824307)
  • Do not prevent application startup in case of corrupt configuration (LP#799130)
  • Delete recently used files on GNOME 3 (thanks to badhat, LP#828474)
  • Do not erase wallpaper on GNOME 3 (Fedora 15, etc; LP#828474)
  • Support Linux 3 (thanks to Sascha Manns from openSUSE project)
  • Speed up checking for running processes
  • Fix endless startup loop when running with standard (non-administrator) account with UAC disabled (LP#819392)
  • Clarify in the preferences that checking for application updates is required for checking for winapp2.ini updates

Ubuntu 下的安装方法:

下载 BleachBit 并双击 deb 文件。


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