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网络取证分析工具:NetworkMiner 1.2 发布

NetworkMiner是一款windows平台下开放源代码的网络取证分析工具,同时也是一款比较好的协议分析工具,它通过数据包嗅探或解析PCAP 文件能够检测操作系统,主机名和网络主机开放的端口。NetworkMiner还能够从网络通信中提取文件。

目前 NetworkMiner更新至1.2版,新版主要改变如下:

  • NetworkMiner is now platform independent and can be run on Linux, Mac etc. with help of Mono.
  • Better parsing of emails sent with SMTP.
  • Content extraction of emails went with AOL webmail as in ”The L33t Pill” from the Network Forensics Puzzle Contest.
  • Content extraction from unencrypted SquirrelMail webmail posts.
  • Content extraction of comments sent to WordPress and Blogspot blogs.
  • Support for GRE encapsulation.
  • Better handling of truncated pcap files that are cut in the middle of a frame.
  • Updated “Details” column in “Files” tab to display the HTTP host name as well as the URI from where the file was retrieved.



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