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密码破解工具:John the Ripper 1.7.9 发布

John the Ripper 免费的开源软件,是一个快速的密码破解工具,用于在已知密文的情况下尝试破解出明文的破解密码软件,支持目前大多数的加密算法,如DES、MD4、MD5等。它支持多种不同类型的系统架构,包括Unix、Linux、Windows、DOS模式、BeOS和OpenVMS,主要目的是破解不够牢固的Unix/Linux系统密码。

John the Ripper 特别善于查看弱密码,通过搜索常见密码列表查找匹配。它不像那些商用软件或Ophcrack那样擅长强密码,但是它工作在很多地方工作良好,比如当用户选了一个易 于记忆的密码。


  1. OpenMP parallelization of MD5-crypt and bitslice DES has been added.
  2. DES key setup has been reworked. x86-64 assembly code for DES S-boxes has been optimized.
  3. Support for DES-based tripcodes has been added.
  4. Larger hash table sizes for faster processing of millions of hashes per salt have been added.
  5. Detection of Intel AVX and AMD XOP with fallback to an alternate program binary has been added.
  6. Fallback to a non-OpenMP build has been added.
  7. A benchmark result comparison tool has been added.
  8. The bundled common passwords list has been updated. Many minor enhancements and a few bugfixes were made

官方网站、下载地址: http://www.openwall.com/john/