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Spring工程工具:Spring Roo 1.2.0.RC1 发布

Spring Roo 是SpringSource新的开放源码技术,该技术主要面向企业中的JAVA开发者,使之更富有成效和愉快的进行开发工作,而不会牺牲工程完整或灵活 性。无论你是一个新的Java开发人员或经验丰富的架构师,Spring Roo 都可以在短短几分钟内构建一个全面的工作应用。

Spring Roo 团队发布了 1.2.0 的首个候选发行版本,与 M1 版比较,有两个新特性:

  • 多模块的 Maven 项目支持
  • JSF 2.0/PrimeFaces 3.



  • No need to have the "Active Record"-pattern persistence code in your domain objects any longer. The old @RooEntity annotation has been renamed to @RooJpaActiveRecord and is still the default when creating entities,
  • New @RooJpaEntity annotation ensures only the @Entity, @Id, and @Version fields and methods are created and maintained by Roo. Classes annotated with @RooJpaEntity are intended to be used with Roo's JPA repository and service layering features.
  • Using RC1 in existing Roo projects? – easy, simply rename your @RooEntity annotations to @RooJpaActiveRecord and use the organize imports feature in STS or Eclipse to resolve the imports.