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荷兰政府批准了在限制级机密部门(Departementaal Vertrouwelijk)使用开源VPN软件OpenVPN。 荷兰政府批准使用是修改版OpenVPN-nl,源代码已经发布,人人都可使用。其主要变化是将加密核心从OpenSSL换成PolarSSL。开源的PolarSSL更小,代码更简单易读,文档更充分。荷兰安全公司Fox-IT与OpenVPN和PolarSSL团队合作完成了修改整合

"Yesterday the Dutch government took a step to further improve the adoption of Open Source in its ranks. It has officialy approved a modified version of the open source VPN software OpenVPN for use on the governmental level 'Departementaal Vertrouwelijk' (Restricted). The release is called OpenVPN-NL and is fully open-source and available for use. The software has undergone a security evaluation by the Dutch government's national communications security agency (NLNCSA). The major change is the removal of OpenSSL as the cryptographic core of OpenVPN-NL. Instead, the Dutch government opted to include the smaller, better readable and documented open source library PolarSSL to provide the cryptographic and SSL/TLS functionality. The Dutch IT Security company Fox-IT worked together with both OpenVPN and PolarSSL communities and modified the stock software to support the government evaluation process. In total 8000 lines of code and 4000 lines of documentation were checked in to the OpenVPN trunk."