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开源门户平台:GateIn Portal 3.2.0 Beta01 发布

GateIn Portal 3.2.0 Beta01 发布了,可从这里下载,发行说明请看 release notes from JIRA

GateIn portal是由JBoss Portal和eXo Portal合并而成的一个新项目。它将原先两个项目的优点隔入到该项目中,为用户提供一个易于使用的门户系统和一个门户框架。

与 M01 版本比较,该版本值得关注的改进有:

  1. Navigation Controller - providing a powerful way to configure how portal is managing URLs.
  2. Polished Management - providing import/export of portal pages via. REST, Commandline/ssh and UI
  3. DOM optimizations - GateIn pages are way more lightweight now.
  4. Countless performance improvements
  5. More internationalization
  6. AS7 integration - this is ongoing effort and still in experimental state


  1. 3.2.0 CR around the new year (2011/2012)
  2. 3.2.0 Final in January/February 2012.


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