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Apache OpenNLP 1.5.2 发布

Apache OpenNLP 1.5.2 发布了,下载地址:

OpenNLP 是一个机器学习工具包,用于处理自然语言文本。支持大多数常用的 NLP 任务,例如:标识化、句子切分、部分词性标注、名称抽取、组块、解析等。


  • Improved the white space handling in the Sentence Detector and its training code
  • Added more cross validator command line tools
  • Command line handling code has been refactored
  • Fixed problems with the new build
  • Now uses fast token class feature generation code by default
  • Added support for BioNLP/NLPBA 2004 shared task data
  • Removal of old and deprecated code
  • Dictionary case sensitivity support is now done properly
  • Support for OSGi


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