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Apache Sqoop 1.4.0-incubating 发布

Sqoop是一个用来将Hadoop和关系型数据库中的数据相互转移的工具,可以将一个关系型数据库(例如 : mysql ,Oracle ,Postgres等)中的数据导入到Hadoop的HDFS中,也可以将HDFS的数据导入到关系型数据库中。

Apache Sqoop 1.4.0 主要新特性有:

  • [SQOOP-305] - Support export from Avro Data Files
  • [SQOOP-312] - Support for hive dynamic partitions with SQOOP import
  • [SQOOP-313] - Multiple column names to be included in --update-key argument with SQOOP export (update)
  • [SQOOP-327] - Mixed update/insert export support for OracleManager
  • [SQOOP-331] - Support boundary query on the command line
  • [SQOOP-337] - Create Sqoop Logo / Icon
  • [SQOOP-342] - Allow user to override sqoop type mapping
  • [SQOOP-367] - codegen support free-form query




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