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数据持久层框架:Hibernate Core 4.0.0.CR7 发布了

Hibernate是一种JAVA语言下的对象关系映射解决方案。 它是使用GNU宽通用公共许可证发行的自由、开源的软件。它为面向对象的领域模型到传统的关系型数据库的映射,提供了一个使用方便的框架。Hibernate也是目前Java开发中最为流行的数据库持久层框架,现已归JBOSS所有。



Hibernate Core 4.0.0.CR7 今天发布了:


  • [HHH-5222] - upgrade from read to OPTIMISTIC_FORCE_INCREMENT fails
  • [HHH-5945] - Race condition in building query cache
  • [HHH-5992] - A query fails to return correct results silently
  • [HHH-6068] - JPA-specified default schema ignored for Hibernate sequences
  • [HHH-6425] - On Sybase ASE, insert a empty string '' to db, it stores it as single space ' '
  • [HHH-6773] - test fails on sybase
  • [HHH-6780] - Wrong Query timeout calculation
  • [HHH-6806] - Auto scan for JPA entities does not work in exploded packages in JBoss AS < 7
  • [HHH-6807] - org.hibernate.test.lob.LobMergeTest fail on Sybase ASE
  • [HHH-6817] - Logging of strings containing the percent character broken
  • [HHH-6819] - org.hibernate.test.importfile.CommandExtractorServiceTest/MultiLineImportFileTest fail
  • [HHH-6820] - Skip test org.hibernate.ejb.test.lock.LockTest.testContendedPessimisticLock for Sybase ASE15.5
  • [HHH-6827] - is falling
  • [HHH-6828] - BasicOperationsTest does not take into account that databases can treat identifers differently when it come to lower or upper case
  • [HHH-6830] - QueryAndSQLTest.testNativeQueryWithFormulaAttribute fails due to hard coded function names
  • [HHH-6834] - skip test BasicOperationsTest on oracle due to a oracle jdbc driver issue
  • [HHH-6842] - Skip org.hibernate.test.annotations.manytoonewithformula.ManyToOneWithFormulaTest#testManyToOneFromNonPkToNonPk for DB2
  • [HHH-6843] - LockTest#testContendedPessimisticLock is too agressive in its assumptions
  • [HHH-6849] - SQLServer2005Dialect changes the order of selected columns when using pagination
  • [HHH-6850] - no Types.BINARY mapping in DB2 dialect
  • [HHH-6851] - DB2 doesn't support NotNullUnique causes org.hibernate.test.annotations.uniqueconstraint.UniqueConstraintTest.testUniquenessConstraintWithSuperclassProperty fail
  • [HHH-6852] - DB2 doesn't support exists in select
  • [HHH-6856] - RowValueConstructorSyntax with In syntax is not working
  • [HHH-6863] - serviceBindingList in AbstractServiceRegistryImpl needs synchronization
  • [HHH-6865] - PessimisticLockException should be thrown when pessimistic read and write locking strategies fail


  • [HHH-4055] - make UpdateTimestampsCache pluggable, like QueryCache
  • [HHH-6833] - Eable SQL logging for tests
  • [HHH-6845] - Avoid repeated invocations of ReflectHelper.overridesEquals in proxy initializers
  • [HHH-6858] - Minor performance improvements after hotspots analysis
  • [HHH-6862] - Reuse cached entryArray of IdentityMap in StatefulPersistenceContext as much as possible
  • [HHH-6868] - Lazily initialize HashMap in LockOptions


  • [HHH-6286] - UpdateTimestampsCache should try to avoid acquiring lock if possible


  • [HHH-6818] - update dependencies management
  • [HHH-6821] - Upgrade to jboss-logging-tools 1.0.0.CR5
  • [HHH-6853] - upgrade to jboss-logging 3.1.0.CR2
  • [HHH-6860] - Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 4.0.1 when released