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Python feedparser 5.1 发布

Python feedparser 5.1 发布了,包含很多的 bug 修复,完全支持 Python 3.2,部分支持 Jython。

feedparser 是一个 Python 库用来解析各种 feeds,包括:Atom, RDF, RSS, and CDF feed formats.

Current release: 5.1 - December 2, 2011

  • Extensive, extensive unit test refactoring
  • Convert the Docbook documentation to ReST
  • Include the documentation in the source distribution
  • Consolidate the disparate README files into one
  • Support Jython somewhat (almost all unit tests pass)
  • Support Python 3.2
  • Fix Python 3 issues exposed by improved unit tests
  • Fix international domain name issues exposed by improved unit tests
  • Issue 148  (loose parser doesn't always return unicode strings)
  • Issue 204  (FeedParserDict behavior should not be controlled by assert)
  • Issue 247  (mssql date parser uses hardcoded tokyo timezone)
  • Issue 249  (KeyboardInterrupt and SystemExit exceptions being caught)
  • Issue 250  (updated can be a 9-tuple or a string, depending on context)
  • Issue 252  (running in Python 3 fails due to missing sgmllib)
  • Issue 253  (document that text/plain content isn't sanitized)
  • Issue 260  (Python 3 doesn't decompress gzip'ed or deflate'd content)
  • Issue 261  (popping from empty tag list)
  • Issue 262  (docs are missing from distribution files)
  • Issue 264  (vcard parser crashes on non-ascii characters)
  • Issue 265  (http header comparisons are case sensitive)
  • Issue 271  (monkey-patching sgmllib breaks other libraries)
  • Issue 272  (can't pass bytes or str to parse() in Python 3)
  • Issue 275  (_parse_date() doesn't catch OverflowError)
  • Issue 276  (mutable types used as default values in parse())
  • Issue 277  (python3 install fails)
  • Issue 281  (_parse_date() doesn't catch ValueError)
  • Issue 282  (_parse_date() crashes when passed None)
  • Issue 285  (crash on empty xmlns attribute)
  • Issue 286  ('apos' character entity not handled properly)
  • Issue 289  (add an option to disable microformat parsing)
  • Issue 290  (Blogger's invalid img tags are unparseable)
  • Issue 292  (atom id element not explicitly supported)
  • ssue 294  ('categories' key exists but raises KeyError)
  • Issue 297  (unresolvable external doctype causes crash)
  • Issue 298  (nested nodes clobber actual values)
  • Issue 300  (performance improvements)
  • Issue 303  (unicode characters cause crash during relative uri resolution)
  • Remove "Hot RSS" support since the format doesn't actually exist
  • Remove the old website files from the source
  • Remove the feedparser command line interface
  • Remove the Zope interoperability hack
  • Remove extraneous whitespace



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