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CentOS 6.1 在未来一到两天应该可以更新!

来自 CentOS 官方的消息CentOS 6.1未来一两天应该可以更新了:

We are working on wrapping up the 6.1 release and preparing to push it to mirrors. QA has signed off and now we're working on the last minute tasks to get 6.1 officially released.

In other news, a bunch of packages just hit upstream -- looks as though 6.2 is released even though it hasn't been announce yet. We're already working on pulling in those updates and this will be a good test to see if all of our build and testing automation can help us cut down the release turn around time. more news to follow on 6.2 as we get a little further along in the process.

CentOS 的开发团队正在准备将 6.1 版本发布到镜像节点上,可能在 1~2 天内我们就可以看到这个新的版本。

另外 6.2 版本的工作也在进行中。