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syslog日志的Web前端:LogAnalyzer 3.4.0 发布

LogAnalyzer 是一个 syslog 和其他网络事件数据的 Web 前端工具,提供简单易用的日志浏览、搜索和基本分析以及图表显示。

LogAnalyzer 3.4.0 主要改进有:

  • This release adds an initial version of a new free report for consolidating Windows Eventlog Logon/Logoff events.
  •  PDO LogStream, the RowCount function, is now only used with mysql, PGSQL, and MSSQL.
  • Other PDO Drivers may not return a useful value.
  • Language files have been remove from the source, and can be found on the project's website now.
  • A couple of issues have been fixed in this release.
  • Professional support options have been redirected to the proper page.