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jQuery EasyUI 1.2.5 发布

jQuery easyui 为网页开发提供了一堆的常用UI组件,包括菜单、对话框、布局、窗帘、表格、表单等等逐渐,下图是一个具有布局效果的窗口:

jQuery EasyUI 1.2.5 发布了,该版本主要改进:


  • tabs: When add a new tab panel with href property, the content page is loaded twice. fixed.
  • form: Failed to call 'load' method to load form input with complex name. fixed.
  • draggable: End drag in ie9, the cursor cannot be restored. fixed.


  • panel: The tools can be defined via html markup.
  • tabs: Call 'close' method to close specified tab panel, users can pass tab title or index of tab panel. Other methods such 'select','getTab' and 'exists' are similar to 'close' method.
  • tabs: Add 'getTabIndex' method.
  • tabs: Users can define mini tools on tabs.
  • tree: The mouse must move a specified distance to begin drag and drop operation.
  • resizable: Add 'options','enable' and 'disable' methods.
  • numberbox: Allow users to change number format.
  • datagrid: The subgrid is supported now.
  • searchbox: Add 'selectName' method to select searching type name.

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