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持久层框架:DataNucleus Access Platform 3.0.4 发布

DataNucleus Access Platform 是一个兼容各种标准的 JAVA 数据持久化框架,完全兼容 JDO1, JDO2, JDO2.1, JDO2.2, JDO2.3, 和 JPA1 等 Java 标准。提供一个基于 REST 的API。通过它可以访问所有常见的数据库服务器,还包括 LDAP, NeoDatis, JSON, Excel/ODF spreadsheets, XML, BigTable, 和 HADOOP 数据库等.

DataNucleus Access Platform 3.0.4 ("Newton") 发布了,DataNucleus 提供了 Java 对象到数据库、XML、Excel 和 db4o 的映射框架,3.0.4 版本主要改进:

  • AccessPlatform : drop support for zip distributions for db4o and NeoDatis datastores
  • AccessPlatform : add Maven POM artifacts for main AccessPlatform combinations (JDO-RDBMS, JPA-RDBMS, etc)
  • Add ability to turn off Metadata support for XML or annotations, for performance
  • Parameterise all persistence property names for easy referencing
  • split support for java.awt geometry types into a separate plugin, and complete support for persisting in String form
  • Improve startup process so that NucleusContext, PluginManager are more modular, and so that JPA doesn't create multiple working contexts
  • SchemaTool : improvement to class resolution process when not forking the JVM process
  • Support for Atomikos transaction manager (Matthew Adams)
  • Support batching of L2 cache updates
  • Support L2 cache "mode" to determine which classes are cacheable (JPA "sharedCache.Mode")
  • RDBMS : Improvement to handling of result classes when single column selected
  • RDBMS : Support for embedded inherited objects (likely part of JDO3.1/3.2)
  • MongoDB : fix to handling of bidirectional relations when using IDENTITY strategy
  • HBase : fix problem in table management
  • Cache : support for javax.cache v0.3+ (in datanucleus-cache v3.1.0, while support for the earlier version is in datanucleus-cache v3.0)
  • Eclipse : update to the plugin to move API to general preferences and drop the enhancer "type" since it was not being used

可从 DataNucleus community site. 下载