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工作流管理系统:jBPM 5.2 发布

jBPM  团队刚发布了 jBPM 5.2 正式版,jBPM 是一个开源的商业流程管理引擎,支持 BPMN2。

你可以下载 完整安装程序 并根据 安装文档 来开始使用 jBPM,或者先了解一下 jBPM 的 一些例子.


jBPM 5.2 主要包括某些方面的优化、bug修复和小改进,主要包含如下几方面内容:


  • domain-specific service repository: the ability to import domain-specific services from a repository so you can immediately use them in your processes, e.g. twitter integration, ftp, web or REST service, etc. This is ideal for non-technical users to integrate with external services
  • improved persistence support for multiple databases and backwards compatibility
  • jbpm-test: new module that offers improved support for JUnit testing of processes, including the automatic setup of the necessary datasources and services on the fly
  • support for Java7


  • added support for JBoss AS7, which is now used as the default application server in the jbpm-installer


  • Integration with the domain-specific service repository
  • Visual Process Validation: new features allows users to visually validate their processes at edit time
  • Ability to view the process in ERDF, JSON, PDF, PNG, BPMN2, and SVG formats
  • New Process Information section: contains information about the process, such as name, creation date, version, etc
  • jBPM 3.2 Process Migration: new feature allows users to migrate existing jBPM 3.2-based processes to BPMN2
  • Ability to import existing bpmn2 processes straight into designer
  • Ability to create "sharable" process image, PDF, and ability to generate code for embedding designer in custom applications
  • Support four boundary events
  • Visual support for Text Annotations, groups, and Lanes
  • Support for sub-processes
  • Update to latest Guvnor

Human task service

  • introduction of the task service interface, and interface to interact with the (default) human task service (independent of the underlying communication pattern and technology)
  • user group callback: easily integrate with your own service for user / group validation and user-group-management (which users are part of which groups)
  • local task service: a local implementation of the task service that runs locally, next to the process engine, and (re)uses the same transaction of the core engine
  • human task service war: deploy the human task service as a service on your application server

jBPM console

  • updated to latest version of the JBoss BPM console
  • console synchronizes with the process definitions (and other assets) from all packages in the Guvnor repository
  • updated BIRT reporting to latest version

Eclipse plugin

  • jBPM perspective: Eclipse perspective that simplifies workspace configuration
  • more advanced jBPM project wizard


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