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Mac文本编辑器:TextMate 2.0 alpha 发布

TextMate 是Mac下的著名的文本编辑器软件,与BBedit一起并称苹果机上的emacs和vim。尤其适合程序员使用,可以定制许多贴心使用的功能。


TextMate 2.0 alpha 主要改进:

  • split views: yes, I actually had this on the alpha milestone, I’m not overly excited about this feature myself, but I know it’s a very common request, so eventually it should find its way into the application.
  • Full screen mode: This is mainly because we are hesitant to go Lion-only so we are holding back with “lionizing” TextMate till we feel confident we can fully drop backwards compatibility.
  • Performance: Overall performance is fine, but there are still edge-cases that we haven’t looked into, for example the long lines issue which also exists in 1.x or opening files that exhaust TextMate’s memory space.
  • Bundle editor: While a proof-of-concept bundle editor is included, it is provisional, has some flaws, and not how we envision the final bundle editor to be.
  • Settings: Not everything in the Preferences window has an effect at the moment and several menu settings are not sticky, some even revert when switching tabs. Those can be set via .tm_propertiesmore about this in an upcoming post.

下载地址:TextMate 2.0 alpha (r8930).