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MVC框架:Struts 2.3.1 GA 版发布

Struts 是 Apache软件基金会(ASF)赞助的一个开源项目。它最初是 Jakarta项目中的一个子项目,并在2004年3月成为ASF的顶级项目。它通过采用 JAVA Servlet/JSP 技术,实现了基于Java EE Web应用的MVC设计模式的应用框架,是MVC经典设计模式中的一个经典产品。


  • [WW-2357] - doubleEmptyOption, doubleHeaderKey and doubleHeaderValue ignored in doubleselect tag
  • [WW-2910] - inputtransferselect documentation missing.
  • [WW-3011] - Struts text tag displays incorrect default value when using the spring plugin
  • [WW-3020] - Invalid links in Struts 2 + Spring 2 + JPA + AJAX Tutorial
  • [WW-3047] - doubleselect does not escape quotes in doublelist values
  • [WW-3241] - ShowCase demo application still uses the CodeBehind plugin.
  • [WW-3264] - Vulnerability of dynamic method invocation
  • [WW-3349] - Extension .jspf not recognized as JSP result-type
  • [WW-3401] - S2 JSON Plugin handles json content and contentType encoding differently
  • [WW-3444] - JSON plugin thows java.lang.IllegalStateException when used together with Struts2 Portlet Bridge
  • [WW-3450] - supressEmptyParameters option is misspelled
  • [WW-3451] - [FreemarkerManager] don't put ATTR_SESSION_MODEL into session
  • [WW-3469] - convention plugin does not apply interceptors unless there is an Action
  • [WW-3480] - Web site (project information) has bad link for issue tracking
  • [WW-3489] - JSON plugin with excludeNullProperties and map objects keeps writing fields with null values
  • [WW-3522] - Template Overriding not work
  • [WW-3527] - Struts2.0 porlet
  • [WW-3535] - Struts2 Main Website Links not working
  • [WW-3536] - Specify UTF-8 content type in JsonLibHandler
  • [WW-3542] - Form tag onreset attribute is not set properly
  • [WW-3545] - JSONValidationInterceptor Returns Invalid "true" json. Do not put javascript comments around json
  • [WW-3552] - FileUploadInterceptor and TokenInterceptor should use the configured custom TextProvider
  • [WW-3555] - Cannot deploy struts 2 web application into JBoss 6
  • [WW-3558] - xwork does not support the VFS of jboss-6.0Final
  • [WW-3562] - FileUploadInterceptor: file not uploaded when file is empty (0 bytes)
  • [WW-3564] - Unable to find a result type for extension
  • [WW-3580] - Critical performance issue in production environment as thread dumps are leading to OGNL 3.0 thread blocking! Website could be backed out!
  • [WW-3585] - Struts2 debugging using debug=browser in url does not populate url parameters in action class member variables
  • [WW-3601] - Files starting with "struts" (e.g., "struts.jsp") give 404
  • [WW-3608] - Java Template defaults to opening up a XSS vulnerability
  • [WW-3611] - examples in java doc are misleading due to use of s prefix when sx it typical
  • [WW-3612] - UTF-8 encoding problem in s:component JSP page
  • [WW-3614] - Incorrect Content-Type in REST Plugin JSON Content Handler
  • [WW-3615] - Dead code in PlainTextResult
  • [WW-3616] - Error in the detail view of the REST Showcase
  • [WW-3618] - Stripes Link on Struts Homepage is dead
  • [WW-3621] - IllegalStateException("Not allowed in event phase") thrown when calling PortletServletResponse.isCommitted
  • [WW-3625] - Remove #editReport() in exported Docs
  • [WW-3626] - URLUtil#normalizeToFileProtocol
  • [WW-3628] - Regression in s:url tag action's method is no longer being included in the resultant url
  • [WW-3633] - building trunk/xwork-core@1125860 fails test: testNeedsReload(com.opensymphony.xwork2.config.providers.XmlConfigurationProviderTest)
  • [WW-3634] - jsp code fragment listed in does not work
  • [WW-3635] - JSON-RPC should return content-type: application/json
  • [WW-3637] - Auto reload of properties slowing down application
  • [WW-3642] - Blank Extensions documentation
  • [WW-3643] - regression for java 1.5 caused by WW-3628 (@Override annotation)
  • [WW-3658] - setCopyFieldErrors doesn't work
  • [WW-3661] - node 'tlib-version' syntax error in struts-dojo-tags.tld
  • [WW-3670] - JSONWriter cannot load CGLIB classes if its JAR is in SharedLib
  • [WW-3678] - Web site: incorrect links to bug tracker
  • [WW-3681] - testWebFlow(org.apache.struts2.sitegraph.SiteGraphTest) test fails on paths with spaces
  • [WW-3688] - JavaScript URL validator in the FreeMarker template fails many valid URLs
  • [WW-3692] - Struts cannot find Spring beans with no id set
  • [WW-3693] - Javatemplate engine ignores escape parameter of action message tag
  • [WW-3694] - JSONResult - buildSMDObject method is never called internally
  • [WW-3699] - VisitorFieldValidator & AnnotationActionValidatorManager.buildValidatorKey
  • [WW-3701] - Wrong parsing of number with exponents
  • [WW-3702] - struts2-cdi-plugin - memory never garbage colleted
  • [WW-3708] - <s:checkboxlist> UI tag ignores CSS related parameters
  • [WW-3712] - cssErrorClass not being set in Struts2 input tag when ActionSuport.addFieldError() is called in ActionClass.