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CentOS官网消息:CentOS 6.2 不久将发布

2011-11-20号最新补充:CentOS 6.2 已经发布,查看:



如果我们没有发现现在这6.2的树有大问题,它们就将被推出。由于我们所用的时间如此的短,我们将跳过6.1的CR repo,因为6.2的包将很快出来。如果这对你有影响,请在CentOS-devel邮件列表上发表评论。



6.2 has made a lot of progress this week. Both trees are now finalized (pending successful testing), and install media is all complete. The QA team now needs to do the (hopefully) last round of testing before we'll be ready for release. LiveCD/DVD are still building but should be ready soon.

If we don't find major issues with the current 6.2 trees, then it is likely those will get pushed. Since we had such a quick turn-around time, we are looking at completely skipping the CR repo for 6.1 since we will have the 6.2 packages out very soon anyway. If this affects you one way or the other, please feel free to comment on the centos-devel mailing list.

I'll post an update as we progress through testing of these "final" trees, and prep for release.