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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8 Beta 发布

红帽企业 Linux 5.8 Beta 发布了Red Hat 领导着Linux的开发、部署和经营,从嵌入式设备到安全网页服务器,它都是用开源软件作为Internet基础设施解决方案的领头羊。Red Hat由有远见的企业家Bob Young和Marc Ewing创建于1994年,它以源码开发作为营业模型的基础。它也代表了软件开发行业的一次根本转变。软件的原始代码对所有人都可以获得,使用该软件的 开发人员可以自由地对其作改进。其结果是迅速的革新。

Red Hat解决方案包括Red Hat Linux、开发人员和嵌入式技术,以及培训、管理和技术支持。这份开源革新通过称之为Red Hat Network的Internet平台传递给客户们。


Dear Red Hat Customers and Partners:

Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of the Beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8. Red Hat’s proven, long lifecycle model considers customer needs and preferences while enabling a stable and feature-rich operating system environment. Through minor releases, such as the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.8, Red Hat Enterprise Linux customers experience significant and ongoing value from their subscriptions.

This beta release includes a broad set of updates to the existing features and also provides new functionality, particularly in the areas of power and security management, and virtualization. Support for a range of new hardware is also included. 

你可以从 Software & Download Center 这里获取红帽的软件。