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MySQL衍生版:Percona Server 5.1.60-13.1 发布

Perconamysql 数据库服务器进行了改进,在功能和性能上较 MySQL 有着很显著的提升。该版本提升了在高负载情况下的 InnoDB 的性能、为 DBA 提供一些非常有用的性能诊断工具;另外有更多的参数和命令来控制服务器行为。

Percona Server 只包含 MySQL 的服务器版,并没有提供相应对 MySQL 的 Connector 和 GUI 工具进行改进。

Percona 发布了 Percona Server 5.1.60-13.1 ,可从 Percona Server 5.1.60-13.1 downloads 这里下载

该版本基于 MySQL 5.1.60, 包含所有的 bug 修复,主要有:

  • SHOW SLAVE STATUS could give incorrect output with master-master replication and using set user variables. This could only occur with a sever having both master-master replication and --log-slave-updates enabled. This is also filed in MySQL bug tracker, but not fixed in upstream MySQL at the time of this Percona Server release. Bug Fixed: #860910 (Alexey Kopytov)
  • MyISAM repair-by-sort buffer cannot be more than 4GB even on 64bit architectures. With this bug fix, both the server option --myisam-sort-buffer-size and the |myisamchk| --sort-buffer-size can be set to values over 4GB on 64bit systems. For users with large MyISAM tables, this could be a great improvement in |myisamchk|, CREATE INDEX and ALTER TABLE performance. Bug Fixed: #878404 (Alexey Kopytov)
  • The atomic operations used in Response Time Distribution on 32bit systems could (in theory) be optimized incorrectly by the compiler. This has not been observed in the wild and may only be an issue with future compilers. With this bug fixed, we have corrected the inline assembly to always produce correct compiled code even if future compilers implement new optimizations. Bug Fixed:#878022 (Laurynas Biveinis)
  • gcc 4.6 has expanded diagnostics and compiler warnings. We have audited and fixed these warnings for Percona Server 5.1, finding that the warnings were benign. Bug Fixed #878164(Laurynas Biveinis