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Hamachi的图形化配置工具:Quamachi 0.6.0 发布

Quamachi 是 Hamachi 在 Linux 下的一个图形界面的工具。

Quamachi 0.6.0 改进内容:

  • Network and peer properties can now be viewed.
  • External options can be configured via the GUI.
  • Handles cases where user can't control the daemon.
  • Error messages force the main dialog to be visible.
  • The Makefile is forced to build in serial mode.
  • The Makefile checks directory/file permissions were set.
  • The order of execution for the startup code has changed.
  • The way messages are handled and printed has improved.
  • Most icons have been downsized to 16x16 to reduce bloat.
  • Support for the old KDE v3 environment has been removed.
  • Several minor changes have been made to the code structure

Hamachi 是一款利用 P2P 方式来进行文件传输的软件,它能够让使用者穿透防火墙或是 NAT 、 VPN 等网路环境,连接上一个虚拟的网路群组,使用者无论在何处,只要透过 Hamachi 连接上该群组,就能够与群组中的电脑进行文件的分享。相信许多使用者看到这里会开始怀疑安全性的问题,关於这点, Hamachi 早就为你想好了。 Hamachi 提供的是一种加密的资料传输,不像 BT 等 P2P 采用非加密的档案传输方式,因此在资料的交换上更有保障,不需要担心资料曝光的困扰。



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