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开源网页浏览器:Dooble 1.26 发布

Dooble 是一款安全、稳定开源网页浏览器、有可靠的表现和跨平台的功能。主要目的是为了保护用户的隐私。

Dooble 1.26 包含的新特性:

  • Dooble allows to install Qt Addons like this example Addon: Chat Messenger "InterFace", Addon found here:
  • Added support for preventing HTTP redirects. The default is set to enabled. Please set a checkbox at options/security for Http-Redirects of webpages.
  • Improved Ability to hide the HTTP referrer.
  • Futher a significant modification was made to improve Flash support for X11 Linux systems.
  • Lots of Linux Packages: for Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE.
  • Improved Block-"Like/Plus/Faven"-Buttons (Ability to block third-party HTML frame content) to keep you private from Social Networks tracking your Surf-Behaviour.



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