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问题跟踪系统:WebIssues 1.0 发布

WebIssues 是一个采用客户机/服务器模式的团队协作工具和问题跟踪系统,可以支持小规模的开发队伍。它非常容易部署和定制,服务器可安装在任何支持PHPmysql或PostgreSQL的主机上,客户端可以是视窗或Linux的桌面。


  • This version includes a built-in Web Client, which allows the system to be accessed from anywhere using a Web browser.
  • The mechanisms of views, tracking state of issues, alerts, and email notifications were completely redesigned.
  • Localization support was improved and the types of attributes were extended, e.g. with multi-select drop down attributes.
  • It's possible to move and delete issues and to edit and delete existing comments and attachments.
  • The manual was completely rewritten