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MySQL衍生版:Percona Server 5.5.18-23.0 发布

Percona Server 5.5 发布最新更新版本 5.5.18 ,基于 mysql 5.5.18 。该版本支持 XtraDB 和复制 binlog 的 group commit 。 更多关于 group commit 的信息请阅读 Testing the Group Commit Fix。

Percona 为 MySQL 数据库服务器进行了改进,在功能和性能上较 MySQL 有着很显著的提升。该版本提升了在高负载情况下的 InnoDB 的性能、为 DBA 提供一些非常有用的性能诊断工具;另外有更多的参数和命令来控制服务器行为。


  • Several crashes were reported when using the --query-cache-strip-comments feature ofPercona Server. We have fixed several causes for crashes, especially around the handling of escaped characters. Bugs fixed: #856404, #705688 (Oleg Tsarev)
  • The expand Table Import was improved not to hold the InnoDB data dictionary mutex for the full duration of the import operation. This allows queries accessing other InnoDB tables to proceed normally and not be blocked until the import completes. Bug fixed: #901775 (Alexey Kopytov)
  • as a follow-up to the already-fixed #803865, further fixes were made to the implementation of atomic operations which is used on 32-bit systems when compiled without i686+ support. There were no observed issues with the previous implementation, the fixes were made proactively for benign issues. Additionally, the Response time Distribution, which uses those operations, was made slightly more efficient. Bug fixed: #878022 (Laurynas Biveinis)
  • An output buffer truncation check in Response Time Distribution was fixed. Bug fixed: #810272(Laurynas Biveinis)
  • The compilation warnings, produced by gcc versions up to and including 4.6, were audited and fixed. Bug fixed: #878164 (Laurynas Biveinis)
  • Testsuite stability fix for the percona_status_wait_query_cache_mutex test. Bug fixed: #878709(Oleg Tsarev)
  • A missing link was added to the Percona Server upgrade documentation. Bug fixed: #885633(Alexey Kopytov)