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Apache Whirr 0.7.0 发布

Apache Whirr 0.7.0 发布,可从下面地址获取:

Apache Whirr 提供了一组 JAVA 类库用来运行云服务,基于 jclouds 开发。


  • [WHIRR-352] - mvn package assembly:assembly fails
  • [WHIRR-376] - Launching a BYON cluster doesn't produce an instances file.
  • [WHIRR-377] - Fix broken CLI logging config
  • [WHIRR-394] - NPE used for flow control
  • [WHIRR-396] - service/ganglia needs non-zero send_metadata_interval= in gmond.conf
  • [WHIRR-397] - Automatic template selection is too restrictive
  • [WHIRR-410] - Review automatic image selection
  • [WHIRR-412] - cannot set up eclipse at "How To Contribute"
  • [WHIRR-414] - whirr can have a non-zero return code and unterminated (orphaned) host instances
  • [WHIRR-427] - CDH Hadoop integration test fails with malformed reply from SOCKS, may be version issue
  • [WHIRR-432] - Puppet integration tests failing
  • [WHIRR-433] - Chef integration tests failing
  • [WHIRR-437] - Cassandra integration test is failing
  • [WHIRR-442] - release 0.6.0 is in breach of the AL2.0 and general Apache rules in regards to the inclusion of Voldemort
  • [WHIRR-447] - FastDnsResolver fails with SocketTimeoutException
  • [WHIRR-449] - slf4j impl is not being copied to the lib dir when executing the binary assembly



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