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Java 混淆器:ProGuard 4.7 发布

ProGuard 4.7 发布了,该版本增加对 JAVA 7 的代码处理支持,更好的处理 class 文件的紧缩,修复了大量在优化和混淆方面的 bug 。对于 Android 开发者来说,该版本修复了在处理 Android SDK 目录名中存在空格的问题。

ProGuard 是一个免费的 Java类文件的压缩,优化,混肴器。它删除没有用的类,字段,方法与属性。使字节码最大程度地优化,使用简短且无意义的名字来重命名类、字段和方法 。eclipse已经把Proguard集成在一起了。

ProGuard 4.7 更新:

  • Added support for Java 7.
  • Parsing unquoted file names with special characters more leniently.
  • Added support for instance methods overriding class methods.
  • Added removal of unused parameterless constructors.
  • Added removal of empty class initializers.
  • Added peephole optimizations for constant strings.
  • Avoiding idle optimization passes.
  • Improved removal of unused constants after obfuscation.
  • Fixed removal of unused classes referenced by annotations.
  • Fixed simplifying parameters of constructors that should actually be preserved.
  • Fixed simplifying parameters of large numbers of similar constructors.
  • Fixed exceptions in optimization of unusual obfuscated code.
  • Fixed NullPointerException when specifying -keepclassmembers without specific class or class members.
  • Fixed potential problems with mixed-case class name dictionaries when not allowing mixed-case class names.
  • Fixed obfuscation of classes with EnclosingMethod attributes that don't specify methods.
  • Fixed preverification of returning try blocks with finally blocks, inside try blocks, when compiled with JDK 1.4.
  • Fixed sorting of interfaces containing generics.
  • Fixed paths in Shell scripts.
  • Fixed filling in of text fields showing class obfuscation dictionary and package obfuscation dictionary from configuration in GUI.
  • Worked around Oracle Java 6/7 bug #7027598 that locked the GUI on Linux.
  • Updated documentation and examples. 



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