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Spring Data MongoDB 1.0 GA 发布

Spring Data MongoDB 1.0 GA 发布了, 这是一个 Spring Data 的子模块,用于支持 MongoDB 数据库的访问。

Spring Data 项目的目的是为了简化构建基于 Spring 框架应用的数据访问计数,包括非关系数据库、Map-Reduce 框架、云数据服务等等;另外也包含对关系数据库的访问支持。


  • MongoTemplate to simplify performing common Mongo operations, including map-reduce and geo spatial queries
  • Spring namespace to configure MongoDB instances, replica sets and JMX monitoring
  • MongoConverter for domain class mapping and persistence
  • Spring Data repositories support
  • MongoDB Log4j appender
  • Cross-store persistance - support for JPA Entities with fields transparently persisted/retrieved using MongoDB
  • JAVA based Query, Criteria, and Update DSLs
  • QueryDSL integration


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