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MySQL数据库.NET 平台驱动:MySQL Connector/Net 6.5.0 Beta

mysql Connector/Net 是 MySQL 数据库的官方 .NET 平台驱动程序。

MySQL Connector/Net 6.5.0 Beta 了。

Connector/Net includes full support for:

  • Features provided by MySQL Server up to and including MySQL Server version 5.5.
  • Large-packet support for sending and receiving rows and BLOBs up to 2 gigabytes in size.
  • Protocol compression which enables compressing the data stream between the client and server.
  • Support for connecting using TCP/ip sockets, named pipes, or shared memory on Windows.
  • Support for connecting using TCP/IP sockets or Unix sockets on Unix.
  • Support for the Open Source Mono framework developed by Novell.
  • Fully managed, does not utilize the MySQL client library. 



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