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协同工作流系统:Bonita Open Solution 5.6.1 发布

Bonita 是一个符合WfMC规范、灵活的协同工作流系统。 对于各种动作如流程概念建模、定义、实例化、流程控制和用户交互等提供了全面的集成图形工具。 100% 基于浏览器、使用SOAP和XML数据绑定技术的Web Services封装了已有的工作流业务方法并将它们以基于J2EE的Web service形式发布。基于活动预测模型的第三代工作流引擎。

Bonita Open Solution 5.6.1 是一个维护版,修复了以下bug:

  • 0006164: [console-worklist] Install a process file which is not a ".bar" : the warning message is not enough visible
  • 0006980: [console-appli] when select priority "high",but click inverted triangle after priority , the "normal" is always selected
  • 0006938: [console-design] [User XP] Privilegies, when you chose "comment process" for no one, the title "comment feed" is always avaiable
  • 0006457: [console-appli] Redirection to next step doesn't work in war mode for subprocess
  • 0006764: [runtime-apis] For migration doesn't work with archived processes
  • 0006766: [integration] Migration Script errors
  • 0006769: [console-appli] case start rule prevent anyone from accessing a form
  • 0005699: [studio-simulation] Need to enlarge the width and height of "Add simulation data" window
  • 0006470: [console-worklist] the step display not well
  • 0006779: [console-appli] Allow use of Map in Suggest Box
  • 0006778: [console-appli] Add a specific look to read only widget
  • 0006668: [runtime-apis] Missing documentation on instantiateProcess(ProcessDefinitionUUID processUUID, ActivityDefinitionUUID activityUUID) method
  • 0006201: [user-story] Import from Visio
  • 0006203: [studio-import-export] [Import from Visio] Implementation

完整内容请看 changelog