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网络接入控制:PacketFence 3.1 发布

PacketFence 3.1 发布了,这是一个新的功能和增强的版本,主要改进内容包括:

Statement of Health (SoH) support for reliable client-side policy compliance,
detection of rogue DHCP Servers through routers,
RADIUS Change of Authorization (RFC3576) support for reliable and fast authorization changes,
new charts in Web Admin, wireless profile provisioning for iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices,
SNMP traps overload protection,
improved captive portal detection on Mac OS X Lion and mobile devices,
support for stacked Cisco 3750 switches.
There are also the usual minor performance optimizations and several bugfixes

PacketFence是开源NAC (网络接入控制) 中的佼佼者,它可靠、容易配置,且构建于未修改的开源代码之上(Fedora, LAMP, perl, and Snort)。PacketFence的设计目的是要在不同种类的环境中运行,并且它使用了“不可知厂商隔离”( vendor-agnostic isolation)技术,其中包括DHCP范围改变和arp高速缓存处理技术(“被动”模式)等。