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密码管理工具:QPass 1.2.0 发布


QPass 是一个密码管理工具,可使用加密的方式来保存你的关键密码,数据被保存在使用 AES-256 加密算法的单个文件中,每个条目包含名称、URL、用户名和密码以及描述信息,QPass 还可以随机生成密码。

QPass 1.2.0 改进内容:

1. This release adds a function to view passwords with numbered characters.
2. It adds the ability to import and export to/from CSV files(beta).
3. It adds an option to change the default database.
4. It has improved import and export dialogs.
5. It adds a button to deselect an entry.
6. It modifies adding to prevent from adding null entries.
7. It modifies searching to be case-insensitive.
8. It adds an option to show passwords by default



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