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Java的OpenID认证框架:SocialAuth 2.0 Beta4 发布

SocialAuth 2.0 Beta4 在11月30日发布,整个 2.0 版主要的改进内容包括:

  • Completely revamped API. Older API is supported but is being deprecated
  • Support for connections to multiple providers.
  • Updated wiki to show usage of new API and multiple connections
  • Several fixes and additional functions requested by users like token expiry time
  • New version for Struts and Spring MVC using latest SocialAuth API is released
  • New version for JBoss Seam that uses latest SocialAuth API coming soon !

SocialAuth是一个用于需要通过Google、Yahoo、Facebook、Twitter和其它Open ID提供者注册和验证用户的Web应用开发的JAVA列库。还支持从Google,Yahoo或Hotmail导入联系人信息。



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