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VirtualBox 管理工具:RemoteBox 1.2 发布

RemoteBox 是一个图形化的工具,用来管理远程服务器或者本机的 VirtualBox 虚拟机。

RemoteBox 1.2 要求 GTK 2.16 和 到 GTK 2.22 版本支持,代码上做了很多优化,支持创建 guest 克隆,还包括:

  1. Marking hard disk images as SSDs and DVD images as Live DVDs.
  2. The number of ports on a SATA controller can now be configured manually as well as manually controlling the port a medium is attached to.
  3. Support has been added for copying (including converting) hard disk images as well as setting their low-level type (Writethrough, Immutable, Multi-attach, etc.).
  4. Plus the usual plethora of GUI tweaks and minor bugfixes