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FreeNAS 8.0.3发布,加入一个增值的UPS功能

FreeNAS 是一套基于FreeBSD操作系统核心的开放源代码的网络存储设备(Network-Attached Storage,简称NAS)服务器系统,支持众多服务,用户访问权限管理,提供网页设置接口。FreeNAS整个系统总共只需约128MB的空间,并支持USB存储设备、LiveCD、 CF卡(转接成IDE设备)及硬盘等开机方式。目前有LiveCD、图像档、VMware软盘镜像文件三种发行方式。

原本的FreeNAS定位为单纯的网络文件服务器,但在0.684版本后,由于核心开发者的新血,加上市面上小型的NAS系统功能越来越多的情况下,FreeNAS渐渐的加入了P2P、iTunes、PHP Webserver等等的功能。

FreeNAS 8.0.3 Release Notes

  • The image size increased in 8.0.1-BETA3. The new size requires a 2 GB storage device. The GUI upgrade can be used to upgrade a system from BETA3, BETA4, or RC1 but upgrades from earlier releases can only be done from the cd. The other option is to save the config, reinstall the new version, then restore the config.
  • FreeBSD can be really touchy with hardware. Please be sure to update your BIOS/BMC firmware when upgrading / installing FreeNAS if you run into OS hang issues. There have been cases identified where a BIOS upgrade has fixed driver hangs, and/or other issues with FreeNAS; one such example was with an Intel 82578DC motherboard, as noted in the FreeNAS 8 forum thread titled "8.0.3-RELEASE coming soon..": , post # 70-88. Again, please only do this if you experience booting / runtime issues, as some vendors don't test FreeBSD interoperability as much as others between major firmware releases.
  • Previous builds were branded as i386/amd64 (32-bit and 64-bit respectively). 8.0.3-RC1+ rebranded the architectures as x86 and x64, respectively.