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OpenGL的C++封装 OGLplus 0.8.0 发布

OGLplus (oglplus) 是一个仅包含头文件的 C 语言库,用于实现一个瘦面向对象的 OpenGL 门面操作接口,提供了自动资源和对象管理的封装,让 C++ 的 OpenGL 使用更加简单和安全。

0.8.0 版本 changelog:

  1. New constructors were added to the shaders, allowing users to specify the source and compile them during construction.
  2. The QuickProgram class, which allows to specify shaders and link the program during construction, was added.
  3. The context wrappers were reorganized into separate classes.
  4. Wrappers for draw commands were added.
  5. New compile-time configuration options were added.
  6. Support for customized handling of errors was added.
  7. Several new examples were added, and some problems in the existing examples were fixed.
  8. New textures were added.
  9. A shape builder was added, and the existing ones were updated.



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