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Web负载均衡解决方案:HAproxy 1.4.19 发布

HAProxy 提供高可用性负载均衡以及基于TCP和HTTP应用的代理,支持虚拟主机, 它是免费、快速并且可靠的一种解决方案。HAProxy特别适用于那些负载特大的web站点, 这些站点通常又需要会话保持或七层处理。HAProxy运行在当前的硬件上,完全可以支持数以万计的并发连接。并且它的运行模式使得它可以很简单安全的整 合进您当前的架构中, 同时可以保护你的web服务器不被暴露到网络上。

1月8日发布1.1.4.19.上一个版本是2011/09/16的1.4.18 改进:

2012/01/08 : 1.4.19

  • MEDIUM: http: add support for sending the server's name in the outgoing request
  • BUG/MINOR: fix options forwardfor if-none when an alternative header name is specified
  • MINOR: task: new function task_schedule() to schedule a wake up
  • BUG/MEDIUM: checks: fix slowstart behaviour when server tracking is in use
  • BUG: tcp: option nolinger does not work on backends
  • BUG: ebtree: ebst_lookup() could return the wrong entry
  • BUG: http: re-enable TCP quick-ack upon incomplete HTTP requests
  • CLEANUP: ebtree: remove a few annoying signedness warnings
  • CLEANUP: ebtree: remove 4-year old harmless typo in duplicates insertion code
  • CLEANUP: ebtree: remove another typo, a wrong initialization in insertion code
  • BUG: proto_tcp: set AF_INET on tproxy for use with recent kernels
  • MINOR: halog: add support for matching queued requests
  • BUG: http: tighten the list of allowed characters in a URI