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PHP 5.3.9正式版发布!

经过4个RC版,PHP 5.3.9正式版总算发布了。2012-01-11 上一个版本还是2011-08-23的5.3.8 这个版本当然修正了那个hash 碰撞攻击bug.此外还有大量的bug修正,请使用php 5.3的同学尽快升级

Security Enhancements and Fixes in PHP 5.3.9:

  • Added max_input_vars directive to prevent attacks based on hash collisions. (CVE-2011-4885)
  • Fixed bug #60150 (Integer overflow during the parsing of invalid exif header). (CVE-2011-4566)

Key enhancements in PHP 5.3.9 include:

  • Fixed bug #55475 (is_a() triggers autoloader, new optional 3rd argument to is_a and is_subclass_of).
  • Fixed bug #55609 (mysqlnd cannot be built shared)
  • Many changes to the FPM SAPI module