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Linux 桌面虚拟化,Userful MultiSeat 4.1 发布

Userful MultiSeat 是一个 Linux 桌面虚拟化解决方案,可使一台电脑支持多达11个独立用户同时使用,前提是各自有一台显示器、键盘和鼠标,这些设备通过USB进行连接,使用 X Server 虚拟化桌面。

Userful MultiSeat 提供完整的PC功能和高性能的视频性能,显著的降低了硬件成本、支持、维护成本以及电力消耗。可按照包括 Ubuntu、Edubuntu 等流行的 Linux 操作系统。支持 3D 图形、每位置的 USB、双路音频以及所有 USB 的多位设备(包括:HP t100 & t150, Atrust M200 & M202, GWC DU2600, Wyse E01, MCT MWS 8820, 以及 Displaylink 设备)


Release Notes:

There have been a number of major improvements to Userful MultiSeat 4.1 since its Beta Release. USB multiseat device hotplugging is more stable. The User Administration Tool can work properly even if UMs is enabled. This release supports DVI output mode. Numerous bugfixes have been implemented. Performance is improved with a properly loaded driver patch to improve the video performance when using SiliconMotion video cards. Usability has been improved with new icons in the system tray, as well as the removal of redundant error messages when changes to resolutions are made in Userful Control Center.


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