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用Basic编写Android应用,Basic4android 1.8发布

Basic4android 是一个简单但功能强大的 Android 应用开发环境。Basic4android 语言跟 Visual Basic 予以类似,支持更多的对象。Basic4android 将代码编译成 Android 原生应用,无需其他运行环境的支持。该工具完全为了 Android 应用开发,不支持其他平台。

Basic4android v1.8 发布,该版本包含众多新特性:


  • Automatic case correction of variables and subs (based on their declaration)
  • Highlighting of undeclared variables
  • Highlighting of global variables
  • "find all references" tool - F7
  • "Find sub" tool - Ctrl + E

The above two tool make it much easier to develop and maintain large projects

  • Backward / forward navigation buttons
  • Improved Find/Replace
  • Improved support for multiple monitors
  • Support for custom color schemes: IDE Color Schemes

Drag and drop text


变量重命名和字符串混淆让你的代码更难被反向工程。Code Obfuscation

Manifest 编辑器

允许直接添加和修改 manifest 中的元素 Manifest Editor


  • file - export as zip maintains the read-only attribute
  • Libraries can now reference other jar files with the @DependsOn annotation ("dummy" xml files are no longer needed)
  • DateTime.GetTimezoneOffset returns a Double instead of Int
  • #Regions are collapsed when a file is opened
  • New compilation mode combo box - Debug, Release or Release (obfuscated)
  • Outlining - ToggleAll (Ctrl + Shift + O)
  • Notification.SetInfo2 - allows you to distinguish between multiple notifications
  • Bug fixes and other small improvements


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