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面向网络的数据库,Neo4j 1.6 正式版发布

经过三个里程碑后,Neo4j 终于发布了 1.6 正式版。该版本包含很多新特性,值得关注的有:

  • Cloud - Public beta on Heroku of the Neo4j Add-on
  • Cypher - Supports older Cypher versions, better pattern matching, better performance, improved api
  • Web admin - Full Neo4j Shell commands, including versioned Cypher syntax.
  • Kernel - Improvements, for instance the ability to ensure that key-value pairs for entities are unique.
  • Lucene upgrade - Now version 3.5.


  • Infrastructure - Our library repositories have moved to Amazon, providing significantly faster download times.
  • Quality - High availability features better logging and operational support.
  • Process - Better handling of breaking changes in our api and how we handle deprecated features.