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Python 游戏开发引擎,Fabula 0.8.1 发布

Fabula 0.8.1 改进记录:

  • Improved room and multiplayer handling in the server.
  • In the client, the scrolling amount is now based on the framerate.
  • There now is a check for window focus before the scrolling.
  • The client now centers the room plane on the player Entity, while snapping to the display edges.
  • When performing PickUp and Drop, all eight positions surrounding the player are considered now.
  • Exception handling has been improved;
  • Fabula exits cleanly in most cases now.
  • Many minor changes, fixes, cleanups, and a documentation update.

Fabula 是一个 Python 游戏引擎,适合开发冒险、角色扮演和策略游戏等游戏。采用可客户端-服务器架构、基于事件的协议处理、多玩家以及联网游戏功能架构;使用多线程服务器,一 个抽象的可视的游戏世界模型,一个资产管理系统、插件系统等。游戏可进行录制并且回放;良好的文档支持。



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