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视频编辑播放软件,LiVES 1.6.1 发布

LiVES 是一个简单易用但功能强大的视频效果,编辑,转换和播放软件。它使用现有普通工具(MPlayer 的,ImageMagick的,和GTK +),因此它可以在大多数的Unix类系统。它运行的Linux,BSD,Mac OS X中/Darwin文,IRIX上openMosix。这是和抽样准确,可以处理几乎所有类型的视频,并完全通过插件和扩展,包括插件的建设者的工具。它 也可以使用OSC被远程控制。

LiVES 1.6.1 改进记录:

  • Playback has been optimised by tweaking audio settings.
  • A regression in the backup has been fixed.
  • A floating point fps bug for mkv decoder has been fixed.
  • External window capturing has been rewritten, and now works with Compiz.
  • An (experimental) openGL playback plugin has been added.
  • Minor GUI fixes have been made.
  • Recording of external audio during playback has been implemented.
  • Clip names no longer get squashed in sets.
  • Further code cleanup has been carried out, and there are updated translations to Ukranian, Finnish, and UK English.