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虽然小米MIUI ROM的支持者和不屑者同样众多,但是都不影响MIUI ROM的流行度。MIUI ROM是小米公司在最著名的开源Android Rom CyanogenMod的基础上开发,但是却用于商业并且选择闭源,这也是遭很多用户诟病的原因。如今选择开源也是理所应当,也算是一种救赎。

大家可以从下载到patchrom所有代码以及配套教程。为了帮助那些不熟悉 git的朋友使用该教程,我们另外提供patchrom项目的打包下载,下载地址为

Love or hate MIUI, it’s an innovative and fresh take on Android, and one of the most popular custom ROMs out there. What didn’t sit so well with many of our forum members, however, was the fact that, despite being built on top of the open source CyanogenMod ROM, it was closed, with all development being done by the Xiaomi company. Well, was – it’s now in the process of being open sourced.

Besides the ROM itself – or, rather, a “PatchROM” that should allow developers to port MIUI to new devices – the various MIUI-specific applications are also getting their source codes released, all under the Apache 2.0 license. Not everything seems to be available yet, but then, we guess that the whole process spearheaded by the new MiCode community will take some time.

If you’re a developer, take a look at the source code on GitHub.