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集群监控系统,Ganglia 3.3.0 发布

Ganglia 是一个跨平台可扩展的,高 性能计算系统下的分布式监控系统,如集群和网格。它是基于分层设计,它使用广泛的技术,如XML数据代表,便携数据传输,RRDtool用于数据存储和可 视化。它利用精心设计的数据结构和算法实现每节点间并发非常低的。它已移植到广泛的操作系统和处理器架构上,目前在世界各地成千上万的集群正在使用。它已 被用来连结大学校园和世界各地,可以处理2000节点的规模。

2012-02-02发布最新稳定版3.3.0 上一个版本是2011-07-08的3.2.0



  • Web UI shipped with Ganglia has been upgraded to the Ganglia Web 2.0 interface. Changes to web UI from Gweb 2.2.0 are as follows
    • Additional Nagios integration scripts
    • Contributed by Etsy - stacked graph in the cluster view
    • Ability to hide/show events on individual graphs or whole pages
    • Numerous bug fixes and small enhancements
  • metric names are sanitized to avoid breaking gmetad/UI when characters such as <, > are supplied. Those are now replaced with underscores
  • gmetad supports sending metrics to graphite. Uncomment proper section of gmetad.conf to enable
  • Default RRD resolution changed. It affects only newly created RRDs. To change to old behavior please modify the RRA field in gmetad.conf
  • Number of Python modules from Ganglia gmond_python_modules repository have been included such as disk statistics, individual interface statistics, etc. Most of the modules are disabled. To enable rename the files in /etc/ganglia/conf.d.
  • sFlow has been enhanced to support Virtual machine pool/JAVA VM/Memcache/Apache/Nginx/Tomcat and node.js metrics. You can read more at sFlow blog


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