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PHP开发框架,CakePHP 2.0.6 发布

CakePHP 2.0.6 发布了,这可能是 2.0 的最后一个版本,而接下来 CakePHP 团队将致力于 2.1 版本的开发,目前 2.1 最新的版本是 beta 版(下载),将兼容 2.0 版本。

CakePHP 2.0.6 有超过 90 个提交以及解决了 45 个问题,主要有:

  • Updating minimum PHP version requirement to 5.2.8 due to php bugs #44251 and #45748
  • Model does not call calculate() and expression() method on the datasource if it does not implements it.
  • SqlServer views can be mapped with models as you can do with normal tables.
  • Fixed issue where session would always be regenerated regardeless of configs set.
  • Not requiring a database connection for Models having $useTable = false when combined with the FormHelper
  • Not throwing errors when instantiating model classes with no constructor using the ClassRegistry
  • Fixing memory leaks in some Database drivers
  • TextHelper::excerpt() now works as documented.
  • Defaulting back to using PHP_SELF to get current url, this solves several issues in shared hosts



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