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版本控制系统,Apache Subversion 1.7.3 发布


2012-02-12发布Subversion 1.7.3。上一个版本是2011-12-05的1.7.2


Version 1.7.3
(14 Feb 2012, from /branches/1.7.x)

    * ship mod_dontdothat with the standard release

  User-visible changes:
    * fix segfault on 'svn rm $ROOT_URL' (issue #4074)
    * replace a couple of assertions in favor of errors (r1207858, -949)
    * fix a server assert after being upgraded (r1210195)
    * fix segfault on 'svn mkdir svn://localhost' (r1211483)
    * make 'svnadmin recover' prune the rep cache (r1213331, et al)
    * make svnmucc use values from --config-dir option
    * update and clarify the merge help text (r1154121, et al)
    * replace wc assertion with informative error (r1222521, -693)
    * copy permissions correctly for FSFS dirs (r1229252)
    * improve 'svn log --with-all-revprops' over ra-dav (issue #4082)
    * fix segfault when remapping a file external (issue #4093)
    * fix segfault caused by obstructing unversioned dir (r1229677)
    * fix regression on first update of external dir with '-r' (issue #4053)
    * fix various EOL-handling problems in 'svn patch' (issues #3814, #3991)
    * fix segfault in 'svn revert' (r1229303)
    * improve correctness of 'svn patch --dry-run' (r1231944, -5)
    * enforce revisions given in 'svn:externals' (issue #4053)
    * fix potential corruption on 32-bit FSFS with large files (r1230212)
    * make 'svn status --xml' show new files (issue #4097)
    * fix 'svn mergeinfo' correctness (issue #4050)
    * return the correct status for non-present nodes (r1232202, -07, -21, -22)
    * improve SASL error messages (r1236343, et al)
    * improve server cert error code for ra_serf (r1232413)
    * fix SVNParentPath listings for parent path symlinks (r1221767, -80)
    * fix mod_dav_svn's handling of POST errors (issue #4086)
    * log some mod_dav_svn errors, rather than ignoring them (r1237720, -9596)
    * relax requirements for canonicalization in mod_dav_svn (r1236173)
    * fix a rare source of FSFS corruption (r1240752)
    * allow committing the result of some copy operations (issue #4059)
    * prevent one-byte buffer overflow in base64 decoding (r1242337)

  Developer-visible changes:
    * JavaHL: Add missing notify action, fixing an exception (r1221793)
    * fix swig-py memory leak (r1235264, -296, -302, -736)
    * fix spurious test suite failure (r1220742, -50)
    * allow running tests on UNC shares (r1225491)
    * bindings: see platform-specific password providers (r1242660, -1)
    * skip 'svnrdump dump' tests over ra_serf (r1242537)
    * convert a few ra_serf assertions to errors (r1242607)