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网站访问统计系统,Piwik 1.7 发布

Piwik 1.7 是一个 Piwik 非常重要的一个里程碑版本,带来很多新的改进、安全修复和性能方面的大幅提升。


  • 全新的 Web 分析报告
    • New Loyalty report "Number of visitors who visited the website 1 time, 2 times, etc."
    • New Recency report "last visit was 0 day ago, 1 day ago, 2 days ago, etc."
    • For each Goal and for your Ecommerce analytics, two new reports: "Visits until conversion", "Days until conversion"
  • 可调度的报表 (PDF/HTML) 和图片图形提升
    • "All Websites" summary can now be included in the scheduled reports.
      You can now in 3 clicks receive a daily/weekly summary of ALL your websites analytics in your email box. Enjoy!
    • Email Reports now include Graphs by default for key metrics.
      For example you will automatically see a graph for all reports that plot metrics such as the "Visits overview" report or "Goal overview" report.
    • Possibility to include a graph before each table report in PDF/HTML reports (disabled by default)
    • New horizontal bar graphs that look very pretty and allow for better data visualization. These graphs are the default graphs used in Scheduled reports.
    • Graphs now support Unicode characters (chinese, arabic, hebrew, etc.) after you upload the unicode font.
  • 大幅的提升可用性

    • On most graphs, you can now select the metric to plot. For example you can now plot Pageviews, Revenue or Conversion rate over the last 30 days.
    • You can even plot multiple metrics at once, for example you can compare Conversion rate and Revenue for all goals, or for a specific goal.
    • Dashboard: you can now change the Dashboard Layout to choose 2 columns, 4 columns, or 3 columns with the first one taking half of the width, etc.
      There are many layout options available for everyone to have the optimal analytics experience.
    • Dashboard: you can now "reset" the dashboard layout to the default selection of widgets.
    • In Visitors > Overview, Piwik used to report "Actions" which include all of Page views, Downloads and Clicks on external links.
      Starting in Piwik 1.7 you will now see the detail, ie. 3 different stats and sparklines for Page views, Downloads and Outlinks separately.
  • 性能提升
    • New archive.php script, replacing the previous, much more efficient and optimized
    • "All websites dashboard" used to fail to load when you track dozens or hundreds of websites. Now it should take a few seconds/less than a minute to load.


Piwik是一套基于PHP+mysql技术构建的开源网站访问统计系统,前身是phpMyVisites。Piwik可以给你详细的统计信息,比如网页 浏览人数, 访问最多的页面, 搜索引擎关键词等等,并且采用了大量的AJAX/Flash技术,使得在操作上更加便易。此外,它还采用了插件扩展及开放API架构,可以让开发人员根据 自已的实际需求创建更多的功能.