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Redis 2.4.8 小更新版本 NoSQL

Redis 是一个高性能的key-value数据库。 redis的出现,很大程度补偿了memcached这类keyvalue存储的不足,在部 分场合可以对关系数据库起到很好的补充作用。它提供了Python,Ruby,Erlang,PHP客户端,使用很方便。


set操作每秒钟 110000 次,GET操作每秒钟 81000 次,服务器配置如下:

Linux 2.6, Xeon X3320 2.5Ghz.

stackoverflow 网站使用 Redis 做为缓存服务器。


What's new in Redis 2.4.8

UPGRADE URGENCY: moderate if you don't experience any of the fixed problems.

* [BUGFIX] make install now uses cp -f to avoid 'text file busy' errors.
* [BUGFIX] redis-check-aof is now large files safe also on 32 bit systems.
* [BUGFIX] Issue #327 fixed: maxmemory and replication now work much better.
* [BUGFIX] Now HINCRBY can detect overflows too. Fix for issue #330.
* [BUGFIX] Fixed compilation with latest clang.
* [BUGFIX] Fixed handling of empty sorted sets produced in RDB by
           very old Redis versions (1.2.x).